Alpena 24*24 Outdoor Porcelain Paver

ALPENA 24X24 Outdoor Porcelain Paver

Size : 24″X24″

Colors: Alpena Antracite,  Alpina Piedra,  Alpena Gris
Surface :Antislip

ALPENA 24X24″ OUTDOOR PORCELAIN PAVER that reproduce the details of quartzite stones, rich in veining and chromatic changes, in a resistant, functional and safe solution for outdoor use. This 24 in. x 24 in. tile is twice as thick as conventional porcelain and it fits for public and private outdoor venues, featuring a high mechanical resistance. Suitable for dry installation on grass, sand and gravel, with no need of tile adhesives, it is easy to install and replace.
Finish:1) Rectified
2) non Rectified